A Berkshires Engagement Session: Cait & Justin

“The bed is comfortable, there’s bourbon, everything’s fine.”

Cait and Justin showed me the best of what the Berkshires have to offer on Wednesday evening! From a gorgeous mansion, a beautiful field at sunset, beers and wings post session and delicious french press coffee the next morning in their beautiful home, spending the day with these two was awesome! I have to thank my sweet clients-turned-friends Danielle & Nick for introducing us- best idea ever! When we were brainstorming engagement session ideas, they asked if a Berkshires visit would be possible… ok, twist my arm! When they suggested we get dinner after and graciously offered up their guest bedroom for me to crash in, I knew it would be a fun 24 hours!!  Justin was right- that bed was comfortable, there was bourbon, and everything was beyond fine!

Cait & Justin- thank you for everything! It was so much fun coming to visit, finally experiencing the Forge and having so much puppy playtime! I can’t wait for your July wedding next year!


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