My purpose and approach

A beautiful perspective

Picture This:

Your butterflies have settled, and you take a moment to look around and soak it all in.
As you begin to focus on the love and joy surrounding you, you think,

"If only this moment could last forever."


I'm Shannon

My favorite photo from my wedding day is a close-up of my husband's face as he put the ring on my finger. One look at that photo, and you can feel his joy. The funny thing is, I knew then he was excited to marry me. But somehow, seeing his excitement beaming from that photo after the fact?
Well—it's simply magical.


When you look at your wedding photos, you'll see, remember,
and feel the love over and over again. 

I don't just focus on photographing your day. I focus on the beautiful, candid moments happening right in front of me- all while keeping your priorities and needs in mind. 

"Her easy-going nature, friendly positive attitude, and ability to connect with our families and friends made her feel instantly like a close friend celebrating with us and not a stranger along for the ride." -Maggie

I've been told that my approachable personality and go-with-the-flow energy make others feel relaxed and comfortable. And I pride myself on that because the last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is uncomfortable or awkward.​​​​​​​

While every wedding day has a little bit of staging behind the scenes, I can promise you this: The last thing I will be on your wedding day is a distraction. In fact, one of the biggest compliments you can give me after your wedding day is that you barely noticed me- or my camera- because you were too busy smiling, laughing, and living out your day.

authentic energy​​​​​​​ & A COMFORTABLE PRESENCE ​​​​​​​

Growing up, my grandfather took our photos every chance he got. And the truth is, I was not too fond of being in front of that camera. Fortunately for you, my uncomfortable loss is now your total gain. Because I not only empathize with you when you say you're worried about feeling awkward, but unlike my darling grandfather, I offer plenty of tips and encouragement for you to feel more relaxed.

I'll find good light and put you in it or simply observe and photograph you doing what you do. ​​​​​​​And yes, I'll give you guidelines when taking portraits so we don't have a stray hand or awkward stance stealing the show, but I won't ask you to redo something or perform. Instead, I'll make you laugh, encourage you to breathe, and, just in case you need it, I'll give you my full permission to forget about everyone and everything else. And instead be goofy, cute, or quietly in love. In summary, just be 100% you

"Not only did she encourage my husband and me to experience emotional moments without feeling awkward, but she brought out a side of us that we didn't even know existed."   -Julianne

encouraging direction & GENTLE GUIDANCE 

Hospitality runs deep in my family. My paternal grandmother ran a bed and breakfast on the west coast of Ireland. My maternal grandmother was among the most gracious hostesses I have ever met. My dad was the head chef for 5 star hotels, and later a professor of hospitality for over 35 years. And before becoming a wedding photographer, I was in the service industry for over ten years. 

Because of this, I have an innate understanding of high-end hospitality, and I'm keenly aware of your wedding as a whole. Meaning I won't just show up and do my part. Instead, I'll proactively look for ways to improve your experience. And I'll care for you, your loved ones, and your entire vendor team in ways that ultimately serve you and your experience.

supportive advocate & A HEART TO SERVE ​​​​​​​

"Not only is she incredibly talented, she is more than delightful to work with. Shannon was very prepared for our big day and completely understood the "feel" we were expecting from our photos. She is such a sweet person, and very easy to work with."   -Julie



genuine, heartfelt & fully focused on you ​​​​​​​


simple pleasures

Time spent by the ocean, beautiful sunsets, and a table filled with my favorite people. To me, the greatest luxuries in life come down to simple things done beautifully.



I was born in Singapore. I've lived in Switzerland and the states. I've been to over 18 countries. I love to travel and with three passports, I can legally work almost anywhere.
So... where to next?


My husband, Tom

My husband Tom is funny, kind, and just incredibly lovely all around.​​​​​​ In 2021 we eloped in Pacific Grove. And although that wasn't our original plan, it turned out to be a dream day. You can read more about it here. 


part of my job

The honor of being trusted to translate what you can feel into what you can see and hold onto forever.

All of my life experiences led me to be a wedding photographer. And for that, I'm forever grateful.
 I love the people that have been brought into my life through my camera.
Creating and capturing connection and beauty is one of my very favorite things.

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Life is beautiful

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